Huff's Amazing Life Story

VillaHuff's human father, Joe DiJulio, was traveling with a friend on a short vacation to the Dominican Republic in 2004. Joe and his wife Betsy had just lost 3 pets in 4 months, and Joe had promised they would get a dog at the SPCA when he returned.

While on vacation, Joe's buddy was invited by friends to a beautiful villa, Villa Castellamonte (a sprawling Caribbean resort villa), for dinner. The invitation was from Jason and Michelle Matthews. Joe was invited along too. The Matthews' dogs, Lupe and Brandy, had just had a litter of puppies. Joe became smitten with one of them, who was the only one who would bark cheerfully at him and wouldn't run away.

Huff Puppy Huff Puppy Huff Puppy

Astonishingly enough, the Matthews also have a home in Pennsylvania near where Joe grew up! So the next time they flew back to the US, they brought this affable young puppy with them. Joe's sister picked the little fellow up and had him spend the night with her until Joe could get there the next day to drive him back to his new home in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The Matthews were in Virginia Beach a year later, and dropped by to see Huff. But then the DiJulios somehow lost their email address and there was no more contact for seven years.

Enter the Superbowl

When "Man's Best Friend" was chosen as a finalist for Crash the Superbowl, the DiJulios sent out an email announcing the news to friends, including—believe it or not—the ex-wife of Joe's traveling buddy from the Dominican Republic trip!

She saw the email, contacted the Matthews, who were so thrilled about Huff's new stardom they contacted the DiJulios. They sent pictures of Huff's parents and Huff as a puppy, and are ecstatic about their grandson's new fame.

Reunited through Email

To our great sadness, Huff's dogfather Lupe passed away last year, and wasn't able to enjoy his son's new-found success. Brandy is still happily sunning herself in the Caribbean, however, and after being reunited via email photos, it's our hope that they will be reunited in person someday.

Huff's parents, Lupe and Brandy (click to enlarge):

Lupe and Brandy Lupe and Brandy Sit Lupe and Brandy Stand

Huff's mother Brandy, from whom Huff got his gorgeous brindle coat (click to enlarge):


Huff's father Lupe, who was a brave Dane who unfortunately passed last year (click to enlarge):

Lupe Lupe

Huff can be found on Facebook here.

Fun Fact

Huff was named after Byron Huffin, Joe's good friend and workout partner.

Byron Huffin


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