What Comes Next?

As finalists, we are already definitely going to the Superbowl! We get to go and enjoy the hospitality of Frito-Lay's sky box, where undoubtedly all flavors, colors, and creeds of Doritos will be bowled for our snacking pleasure.

However, only two of the five finalists will be shown during the Superbowl and it was entirely up to you to choose them.

Voting ended on January 29th, 2012, and up until that date the Internet public watched and voted on the finalists. If we were in the top two, our commercial plays during the Superbowl alongside Ford, Coke, Pepsi, Careerbuilder, Burger King, Enron — all the great companies. If the video gets picked by the USA Today poll as one of the top three commercials of the whole Superbowl, we get awarded a six-figure prize. If the video is picked as the number one favorite commercial by the whole nation, the prize is one. million. dollars. (It's actually happened twice before. Last year, Pug Attack won the million dollars, even beating out the Darth Vader kid.) If that happens, we begin production on our new screenplay.

Jonathan, the director of Man's Best Friend, will continue to do press interviews in an effort to promote the commercial and pick up chicks. We have been told that due to Frito-Lay contractual obligations he was unable to renegotiate, he is finally going to bathe.

The Lonely IslandThe Lonely Island

The Lonely Island, comprised of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone, is scheduled to join us in the skybox. Most people would be happy about this.

Let us be perfectly clear. The Lonely Island is NOT welcome in our skybox. If they show their faces, we will DESTROY them. Forty years from now they will wake in their wet nursing home beds, aflame with the sweat of their nightmares.

Those guys are so stinking funny they make the rest of us look bad. It's time we stood up to this injustice.

Do you hear us, Lonely Island? We're coming for you.



We probably should have told you...

To vote via Xbox Live, you must have an Xbox game console, and must access the Doritos "Crash the Superbowl" voting through your Xbox Live interface.

If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, go sign on to Xbox Live and vote for us under "Crash the Superbowl."

If you are not an Xbox Live subscriber, you can ignore this fifth button from now on.

We promise we weren't trying to confuse you, but it would have taken up too much space to explain this in a 1/2-inch wide button.

Help and Questions

How Do I Vote?

There are five numbered circles at the top of each page. (And in the middle of some pages.) Click on the first one, and a new web browser window or tab will open. When presented with voting choices, pick "Man's Best Friend" and fill in your email address and birthdate (this is how they make sure you haven't voted more than once on that particular site).

Once your vote is confirmed, close the tab or browser window, return to our page, and repeat the process for the second link. And so on until you've voted at ALL the sites!

Why Do They Want My Email Address and Birthdate?

This is for two reasons: to verify that you have voted today (so you can't use the same address to vote twice), and to notify you if you are one of the $10,000 winners. (Every 100,000 votes they get, they randomly pick a voter to win $10,000.) The birthdate is to help verify the vote as well, but also in order for them to provide them with statistics about the overall demographics of who is visiting the site. It is not used to personally identify you or sign you up for anything. See their full privacy policy here.

I Clicked On a Voting Link and Nothing Happened

Sometimes a site, particularly the main Crash The Superbowl site, gets overloaded. This is a very popular contest! Try back in a few minutes, or do what we do and just open the page in another web browser.

How Do I Vote on the Mobile Site?

From our tests, it looks like you can just click on it right now and vote from any web browser. But if you do have a smartphone, just visit crashthesuperbowl.com on it and you'll go to the mobile version of the site automatically and can cast another vote. Votes on the mobile site ARE counted separately from votes made on the main crashthesuperbowl.com site using a computer's web browser, so definitely do both!

What's with the Xbox Live Link?

If you own an Xbox which is connected to the Internet, you can search for Crash the Superbowl and vote for us there as well. This can't be done through a web browser, so it only applies if you're an Xbox owner.

Is This Some Giant Doritos Scam?

Nope. Somebody at Doritos came up with this contest idea and is probably the most popular person at the company. But it's totally real--we're just a couple of guys from Virginia Beach, Virginia who made a Superbowl commercial for twenty bucks and now we're going to the Superbowl. We might even win a million dollars if we gots LOTS of support and are super lucky.