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UPDATE: We've begun updating the page with the flood of media attention following the Superbowl!

We've been astonished by the support we've gotten for our commercial from friends, family, Huff fans, and total strangers. Thank you to everyone who has shared our video and voted for it and helped spread the word. It's already borne fruit in some surprising ways! Here are some of the stories, media mentions and online posts about Man's Best Friend (newest first):


Saturday Night Live sketch mentions "Man's Best Friend" commercial

Can you believe it????!!!
(2/11) Hulu clip • Piers Morgan Tonight: Super Bowl Halftime
Sketch featuring Taran Killam, Nasim Pedrad, Jason Sudeikis, Fred Armisen, Zooey Deschanel, fellow Hampton Roads native Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson, Kristen Wiig, and Andy Samberg

USA Today followup article

(2/9) Article by Laura Petrecca • Doritos Ad Meter winners each receive a $1 million bonus

Hearsay with Cathy Lewis (followup appearance)

(2/8) Radio Interview by Cathy Lewis • Show homepage: Hearsay with Cathy Lewis
Direct link to listen online (Interview begins 42:45 into show)

JMU Breeze followup article

(2/8) Article by Laura Weeks • Alum turns $20 commercial into million dollar prize

Virginian-Pilot second followup article

(2/7) Article by Diane Tennant • Va. Beach man wins $1M for Super Bowl Doritos ad

Bleacher Report article

(2/7) Article by Timothy Rapp • 'Man's Best Friend' Was Funniest Animal Ad

USA Today article

(2/7) Article by Bruce Horovitz • Super Bowl ads go to the dogs

CNN Story

(2/6) "Morning Express" with Robin Meade • Super Bowl ad earns creator $1 million

Whoopi calls "Man's Best Friend" her favorite Superbowl commercial on The View

(2/6) No link available (Shows age out of their online rotation—if you have a direct link, let us know!)

Marketwire: Commercial wins #1 Spot on TiVo too

(2/6) Article by TiVo • "Man's Best Friend" Most Engaging Super Bowl Ad According to TiVo

PR Newswire story

(2/6) • Consumer-Created Doritos Ad Ranked Most-Popular Commercial of Super Bowl XLVI; Creator Wins $1 Million

"Man's Best Friend" wins traditional USA Today ad-meter

(2/6) Article by USA Today • How our panel rated the Super Bowl ads

UVA Today followup article

(2/6) Article by Dan H. • Alum’s Super Bowl Ad Wins $1 Million Prize

Yahoo! article

(2/4) Article by Martin Rogers • Graphic Designer Could Cash in Big With Super Bowl Commercial

Virginian-Pilot followup article

(2/4) Article by Denise Watson Batts & Diane Tennant • Ad Contest: Let the Doritos fall where they may

JMU Breeze article

(1/29) Article by Luisa Contaifer • Alumnus is finalist in ‘Crash The Super Bowl’ commercial contest

Hearsay with Cathy Lewis

(1/23) Radio Interview by Cathy Lewis • Show homepage: Hearsay with Cathy Lewis

Interview begins approx. 44 minutes into show
Direct link to listen online


Regent Backstage Blog

Article by Regent Backstage • Article homepage: Derek Leonidoff's Super Bowl Hopes

Regent blog

WVIR TV-29 (Charlottesville) News Story

Story by Laura FrenchStory homepage: UVA Alum Has Shot to Win $1M through Super Bowl Ad Contest

WAVY TV-10 (Hampton Roads) News Story

Story by Melanie Woodrow • Story homepage: Doritos commercial could nab local $1M

WVEC TV-13 (Hampton Roads) News Story

Story by Joe FlanaganStory homepage: Va. Beach dog hopes to star in Super Bowl ad

(Still image: video not available yet)

WVEC Still

Virginian-Pilot News Story

Article by Roy BahlsArticle homepage: Virginia Beach man's Doritos ad could fetch a million

WVEC Still

UVA Today News Story

Article by Dan H. • Article homepage: Another Alum Seeks to Crash Super Bowl in TV Ad Contest

WVEC Still

Spotbowl review

Article by SpotBowl • Article homepage: Another Alum Seeks to Crash Super Bowl in TV Ad Contest

"Overall, it’s arguably the funniest spot of the five finalists...and the likeliest of the two to take home the $1 million prize."

WVEC Still


We probably should have told you...

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If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, go sign on to Xbox Live and vote for us under "Crash the Superbowl."

If you are not an Xbox Live subscriber, you can ignore this fifth button from now on.

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There are five numbered circles at the top of each page. (And in the middle of some pages.) Click on the first one, and a new web browser window or tab will open. When presented with voting choices, pick "Man's Best Friend" and fill in your email address and birthdate (this is how they make sure you haven't voted more than once on that particular site).

Once your vote is confirmed, close the tab or browser window, return to our page, and repeat the process for the second link. And so on until you've voted at ALL the sites!

Why Do They Want My Email Address and Birthdate?

This is for two reasons: to verify that you have voted today (so you can't use the same address to vote twice), and to notify you if you are one of the $10,000 winners. (Every 100,000 votes they get, they randomly pick a voter to win $10,000.) The birthdate is to help verify the vote as well, but also in order for them to provide them with statistics about the overall demographics of who is visiting the site. It is not used to personally identify you or sign you up for anything. See their full privacy policy here.

I Clicked On a Voting Link and Nothing Happened

Sometimes a site, particularly the main Crash The Superbowl site, gets overloaded. This is a very popular contest! Try back in a few minutes, or do what we do and just open the page in another web browser.

How Do I Vote on the Mobile Site?

From our tests, it looks like you can just click on it right now and vote from any web browser. But if you do have a smartphone, just visit on it and you'll go to the mobile version of the site automatically and can cast another vote. Votes on the mobile site ARE counted separately from votes made on the main site using a computer's web browser, so definitely do both!

What's with the Xbox Live Link?

If you own an Xbox which is connected to the Internet, you can search for Crash the Superbowl and vote for us there as well. This can't be done through a web browser, so it only applies if you're an Xbox owner.

Is This Some Giant Doritos Scam?

Nope. Somebody at Doritos came up with this contest idea and is probably the most popular person at the company. But it's totally real--we're just a couple of guys from Virginia Beach, Virginia who made a Superbowl commercial for twenty bucks and now we're going to the Superbowl. We might even win a million dollars if we gots LOTS of support and are super lucky.